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Reliable & Accessible Medical Services

Dr Walt Brodis

Qualified Medical Provider

Medical Cannabis Cards


Qualifying Conditons(Utah)

  • Pain lasting longer than two weeks that is not adequately managed, in the qualified medical provider’s opinion, despite treatment attempts using conventional medications other than opioids or opiates or physical interventions
    • Persistent nausea that is not significantly responsive to traditional treatment
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) PTSD must be diagnosed by a doctor of psychology or psychiatry
    • Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
    • HIV or acquired immune deficiency syndromes (AIDS)
    • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    • Cancer
    • Cachexia
    • Autism
    • Multiple sclerosis or debilitating muscle spasms
    • Epilepsy or debilitating seizures
    • Alzheimer’s Disease
    • Terminal illness when the patient’s remaining life expectancy is less than 6 months
    • Condition resulting in the individual receiving hospice care
    • Rare condition or disease that affects less than 200,000 individuals in the U.S., as defined in federal law and this is not adequately managed despite treatment attempts using conventional medications (other than opioids or opiates) or physical interventions

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

The Process

Medical Cannabis Card Certifications


Visit to learn more about qualifying conditions necessary to use medical cannabis in the state of Utah


Visit to register as a patient and submit an application. Book an appointment with us through our booking site located above


First time patients must be seen in person in our office located at 1893 E Skyline Dr Suite 103, Ogden UT 84403

Payment required at time of service.


After your visit you will go back to and pay $15 to the state. You will then receive your medical cannabis card by e-mail 

Our Expertise

  • Our service includes my professional recommendations on how to use medical Marijuana, including CBD as well as THC

  • I have three years of experience treating patients with Medical Marijuana. I am Board Certified in Internal Medicine. I can answer questions and follow up. I provide additional information in writing to help you experience the full benefit of Medical Marijuana. 

  • My medical certification business is my private practice. I can communicate with my patients through the Internet and Phone.  We can provide medical records to be sent to other physicians and employers. There is a patient portal called passport that gives you access to information and communication with me and my staff

  •  Our goal is to not only approve you for the use of medical Marijuana, but make sure you understand the best therapeutic practices. We also make ourselves available for follow up questions. 

  • We advise you on the adverse effects of marijuana and how to minimize them.

  • We will review your medication’s to look for drug interactions.

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